Excerpt from Stinky Stew™

Is This Book for You?

If you wake up in the morning dreading the thought of going into work because your place of employment is a toxic toilet, this book is for you.

If you’ve tried every tactic known to humanity to improve the situation—you’ve looked inward, you’ve looked outward, you’ve made changes to your behavior, you’ve tried to adjust your attitude, you’ve tried to ignore it, you’ve tried to embrace it—and when it’s all said and done, you’re left with the unavoidable fact that it’s still a shitty place to work, and you hate it, this book is for you.

If you’ve been hurt or are hurting as a result of your workplace’s dysfunction and tolerance for incivility, backstabbing, lying, bullying, favoritism that’s risen to the level of indecency, incompetence, and a whole host of other workplace ills, this book is definitely for you.

If you feel trapped and helpless and a little angry, this book is for you.

Think of me as your trusted advisor and friend. As you read this book, my purpose is to help you in four significant ways:

  1. Confirm that you aren’t crazy and your workplace is THAT messed up.
  2. Understand WHY certain things may be happening.
  3. Provide tips and strategies for COPING with the chaos.
  4. Provide tips and strategies for EXITING your workplace with what’s left of your sense of self intact.

I can’t make any promises. Every situation is different enough that promises are impossible.

However, I think I CAN help. I’m an experienced coach and human resources professional, and I’ve done my time in the Stinky Stew. It really did stink. But I survived, and as a result I’m now in a position to help you.

So take my hand, turn the page, and let’s get to work.


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    1. Hello Kimberly! Thanks for asking, but not yet. I hope to finish the book within the next three months. I'll definitely let EVERYONE know when it's complete and ready for sale.