Thursday, February 7, 2013

You Might Want To Keep That To Yourself

Do you have a big dream? I mean a really big dream? Something you want to be, or do, or aspire to? Something that makes you think, “Dang! Who do I think I am, that I could even think I might be able to achieve this?” even as you’re forging steadily ahead, seemingly unable to turn back?

Well, you might want to keep all that to yourself.

Not because someone might steal your idea and claim it as his own, but because, well … some people have a way of really raining on your parade. They tell you what you can’t do. They look at you with a disapproving expression they couldn’t hide quite fast enough when you share your latest plans with them, and you don’t need that right now. You need encouragement, and hope, and practical advice from someone who believes you really could do that fabulous thing that is your heart’s desire. You don’t need a naysayer (no matter how well intentioned) telling you that what’s good enough for her should be good enough for you. To each his own and all that—you’re not judging. But you want something different, and that ought to be okay, too.

Hear me clearly. I’m not talking about something completely, not-a snowball’s-chance-in-Hades, out of the question—like a five foot nine obese middle-aged woman becoming a ballerina and performing the principal role in The Nutcracker at the Met—although, heck, maybe that could happen, I don’t know. I’m talking about something you really could do, something you’re qualified to do, something you’re actually gifted at, and finally, you’re ready to go for it, but damn! You shared your dream with the wrong person, and now it’s all can’ts, shouldn’ts, shoulds, uncomfortable silences, and a marked lack of enthusiasm on her part.

Well, I want you to take heart. Sometimes people just don’t have your vision. They don’t have your confidence. And I don’t mean a lack of confidence in you and your abilities, although that may be part of the issue. I mean they don’t have your confidence in God, and they certainly haven’t seen him do some of the things you’ve seen him do. So, really, it’s to be expected that they don’t think you can do what you think you can do, and again, it’s okay. Time will tell. In the meantime, keep praying, keep hoping, keep the faith, and keep your more imaginative friends close at hand.

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