Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I was listening to Jill Scott’s “I’m Prettier” and thinking about how much I appreciate the lyrics. The song is about shaking off burdens—real and imagined—by bringing them to God so that he can do his thing.

It’s just my nature to try and solve problems, whether they’re mine or someone else’s. That aspect of my personality is also why I’m dependable and stable and responsible—but it also explains why I can sometimes be rigid and judgmental and a total worrywart. Scott apparently understands. She sings  “Look at me/Stressing and things/Worrying about what life cannot fix/Allowing my troubles to take over/Getting my own needle and thread/Forcing the stitch/But it don’t make my dress no prettier/I just seem to make things more confused/I just have to stop and go to the maker/And worry about nothing/Not even my shoes/I’m so much prettier/ When I let it go/Let it go …”

I’ve learned the hard way (and believe me it was hard) that trying to help someone who does not want to be helped (no matter how tricked up he is) is a particularly bad idea. But, we natural problem solvers have to get our heads banged around a few times to get that message.

With the new year approaching, my wish is that all the world’s “fixers” will practice “letting go and letting God,” minding our own business, and allowing ourselves to step aside so that all the other grownups can handle their own situations. We’ll be so much prettier for it!

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