Thursday, September 5, 2013

What’s On Your Mind? Wait! I'll Ask Google

I confess that I spend entirely too much time reviewing my blog analytics. It’s actually kind of ridiculous, to be honest. What can I say? My blog is (almost) like another child.

I especially like the search keywords, which help me understand how someone may have ended up on my blog. Sometimes I look at the keyword phrases and make up stories about the searcher’s motivation. For instance …

Black Girls Stop Having Babies
The searcher would have ended up here. Was he interested in Bill O’Reilly’s advice to the black community, or just wondering, “Gee, when will black girls stop having babies?” Beats me.

What To Do When You're Shunned in the Community
Awww... Was the searcher doing academic research, or has she or someone close to her been shunned in the community? And which community, I wonder? Was this a religious thing? A teenage rite-of-passage thing? My article focused on shunning in the workplace. I sure hope it helped a little. Sometimes I wish people would email me directly with their questions.

Things Black Parents Say/Stuff Black Parents Say
Seems like barely a day passes when somebody doesn't want to know this, and it kind of cracks me up. In any case, I’m happy to be able to provide answers, right here.

How to Detect Faking an Illness in the Workplace
Hmmm …. was the searcher looking for the best way to trick his employer? (Better not take advice from this woman ...) Or a manager determined to outfox her malingering employee? Is there a manager or employee somewhere out there now pleased as punch about her skills of deception/detection? I’d love to know.

People with No Common Sense or Courtesy
Yes! Another puzzled citizen looking for answers. Why are people so darned mean anymore? Actually, I don’t have any answers, just a lot of complaints. I’m sorry.

LMN Same Actors
Well, this made me laugh. Another Lifetime Movie Network fan has noticed that all the same actors keep appearing in the movies and wanted to know (I’m guessing)—what the heck is up with that?

I’ve written quite a bit on my blog about workplace bullying, so it’s not unusual for me to see keyword searches like boss is a bully, what to do if I’m being bullied, don’t want to work for fear I’ll be bullied again (so sad), and what to do if your work won’t do anything about bullying (bastards). Again, I wish you’d email me directly, people. Coaching poor souls through these nasty situations is one of my greatest pleasures.

Finally, I saw this keyword search and didn’t know what to think.

Sexy HR Lady
Why on earth would anyone want to be searching for one of these (assuming they exist, even)? This is one circumstance in which I absolutely do not want the reader contacting me directly. Do you hear me??

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  1. Your job sounds like a worthy cause to me. Happy Link Party - Belinda.

  2. Awesome post, Crystal. Awesome title. Awesome analogy. Awesome grammatical construction. Awesome blog. Thank you.