Friday, May 24, 2013

My Lifetime Movie Network Lament

I sat down to watch a new movie on the Lifetime Movie Network, and for the umpteenth time realized that I've seen these same actors again and again in different projects. It’s like some kind of club—the LMN Cheesy Movie Club.

And I want in.

Yeah, I know I said that being an actor was a dead dream, but I’ve changed my mind. Suddenly, I can see the benefits of doing a rotation in an apparently never-ending round of (semi) low-brow female drama flicks. You get to wear nice clothes and jewelry and work on pretty sets simulating gorgeous homes, and you only work a few times a year but still make a decent living.

It sounds really good.

The movie I was watching is called “The Perfect Boss” and stars Jamie Luner, who’s birthday is just a few days after mine.

I’ve liked Luner since her “Savannah,” days. For those who don’t know, “Savannah” was a … here’s that word again … cheesy but juicy and thoroughly engaging nighttime soap opera that was abruptly canceled, and frankly I'm still in recovery. 

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking:

I can’t act.
I have no contacts in the industry.
Black folks are few and far between in these movies.
I’m crazy.

And you may be right. But I’m thinking these actors have got a good thing going, here—a lifestyle that affords everything we all say we want. Work-life balance, good wages, and a little glamour and recognition but not enough to interfere with living a “normal life.” And so you have to admit—it sounds good, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so.


  1. Yes, Jamie Lunar, I remember Savannah, it was a very good show. That's where I know her from, but I've become very addicted to the lifetime movies. I used to make fun of my mom, I'd say I can't believe you are watching the linetime movies. The only ones I liked were based on true stories. I saw the Perfect Boss just recently, I had DVR'd it. It was good, but it always has that tint of off-ness. There's another woman with long blonde hair, robust on top, I see her a lot, in fact she was in the perfect boss. Jaime Lunar does play a good part, though i do believe she has gotten some work done. Aside from those two there are a few others I repetitively see in the lifetime movie. It does seem like they have been contracted out to keep doing lifetime movies.

    1. Hi Londa! Hah! I used to make fun of my mother for watching Lifetime movies AND the crime shows on Investigation Discovery. Now I'm hooked on both, too.

      I wonder if the blond woman you mean is the one with the eyes kind of close together? She's busty.