Friday, May 17, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different …

Adam is home from college for the summer, and I’m enjoying his company, for the most part. He does hog the television in the family room (all sports and music videos most of the time, with some obscure art film thrown in for good measure), and he’s a bit of a bad influence on Thomas, who’s been disobedient lately. (I’ll tell Thomas to turn his video game down, and Adam will lean over and whisper in Thomas’ ear, “You don’t have to take that from her, Thomas.”) Stuff like that.  

Adam's a writer, too. I asked him to read a piece I was writing for Jenx67, or Are You There God? It's Me Generation X, about a challenging experience I had managing a rather um … ambitious Millennial. Fresh-mouthed Adam snorts. “Yeah. Right. How about writing about all the old people” (translation, “You and your friends, Mom”) “… taking all the jobs from poor college students? I can’t even get a job at Walmart because of you.” Then, imitating a down-sized Gen Xer, he says “Ooooh, I’m a Barista at Starbucks.”

That boy has no respect.

But, he is my boy. So I laughed and said, “Maybe I will, Adam. Maybe I will. But not today.”

Nope, not today.

Today, I’m referring you all to my guest post on Jenx67.


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