Friday, May 31, 2013

Megyn Kelly Darn Near Rips Dobbs a New One For Anti-Working Mom Statements

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was fit to be tied over the reaction of Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson to a Pew study showing that 40% of women are primary breadwinners.

Both Dobbs and Erickson pointed to the study as proof that the American family is in a bad way, and Kelly, herself a working mother, took extreme exception to the view that women who work aren't as good moms as the stay-at-home kind.

And while I wouldn’t expect Kelly to warm to this theory, I was a little surprised by her strong objections, because, let’s face it, Dobbs and Erickson aren’t exactly saying anything new. We’ve been hearing this stuff forever.

One thing I will say about Erickson, who wrote a blog in response to some of the criticism his views have generated, is that (the reference to feminists aside), I actually agree with him that “In modern society, we are supposed to applaud feminists who teach women they can have it all—that there is no gender identifying role and women can fulfill the role of husbands and fathers just as men do.”

Again, I want to leave the feminists out of it, because I’m not sure who’s behind this message, but I agree that someone is pushing it. It’s not popular to state a belief that men and women are different—and that what Mom brings to the table Dad doesn’t and vice versa. Which is not to say that all moms are one way, and all dads are another way—they aren’t—but moms are dads are different. Men and women are different. And before you say, “Well that’s obvious. Don’t be ridiculous,” don’t bother denying that there are plenty of single mothers who would tell you in a heartbeat that they don’t need no stinkin’ man to raise their babies. And while personally I agree that if push came to shove I don’t need no stinkin’ man either, my sons certainly do. And since my husband helped make them, he can damn sure help raise ‘em. I’m not sure why there’s controversy in that sentiment, but there is.

But as for working moms in general, well, I’ve been a working mom since Day 1, having gotten pregnant with my oldest when I was in college. So I know that at times it’s no bed of roses and that I get tired and cranky and don’t feel like cooking or checking homework, but it’s a choice. I like work and I like earning my own money, and I’m gifted at it, so I really don’t care who thinks I should live a more selfless life in complete tribute to my kids. Phooey on that. Kids grow up and develop their own interests, and I’m pretty sure those interests don’t include taking care of me in my old age. (In fact, I'm certain of it.) So, I better make a living. As for my husband, he’s a social worker. ‘Nuff said. (And if anybody wants to write to Congress about how social work agencies make millions—I’ve already seen the 990 for my husband’s agency so don’t bother disagreeing—and pay social workers peanuts, be my guest.)

And so, I enjoyed seeing Kelly hashing it out with Dobbs and Erickson, but at the end of the day, it’s the same old same old, and who cares ‘cause I need to make a living and pay my bills.

What about you?

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