Monday, May 6, 2013

Are You About to Get Fired?

It's amazing how many people are fired that don't see it coming. In all the cases I've witnessed, there were, in fact, plenty of signs that the ax was about to drop.

But even if you see the signs and do nothing, you're still headed for trouble. So don't do that! 

Pay attention, and plan accordingly.

Here are a few classic indicators that your job could be in jeopardy. 

Your coworkers are constantly talking about how much work they have, but you haven’t received a new assignment in weeks.

Your boss can’t make time for you and keeps canceling meetings.

Your performance review is late, and normally your boss is a stickler for completing reviews on time AND everyone else on your team has gotten a review.

You've gotten a bad review.

You're not getting along with your boss. (Seems obvious right? But I know an employee who’d get into arguments at staff meetings with her boss and then was surprised by a pink slip.)

Nobody likes your boss (unless he or she is the owner of the organization) and nobody really likes you, either, because hey, you and she are cut from the same cloth. 

Your boss has started doing your job. (PLEASE don’t make the mistake of thinking she's “helping you out.”) 

Communications with your boss are coming more and more often via email.

If these signs apply to you, don't just stick your head in the sand. Start looking for a job. Sharpen your skills. Know what kind of severance you’ll request. Increase your networking. Start cutting back. Start or step up that side business. (You could also ask your boss to be straight with you, but alas, he or she may or may not honor that request.)

Godspeed, friend!

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