Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Have You Met God Today?

This evening I was scoping out new releases on Itunes, and you know what that means—a music binge is right around the corner.

Since I don’t listen to the radio anymore, I’m always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to new music. 

However, I did manage to unearth the newest single by Chrisette Michele, which is gorgeous, and it made me happy to say “Welcome back, Chrisette!” ‘cause I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t feeling her last two albums that much. First there was the obligatory “I’m sexually active now, y’all!” that characterizes so many sophomore offerings of young artists, and I’m definitely not into that. Keep that buttoned up, okay? Not interested (another reason to love Corrine Bailey Rae—she was already married when she hit the scene, so her fans didn’t have to suffer through that particular phase, thank the Lord), and Michele’s third album was okay, but the songs were a little boring. However, if this new single is any indication, I’m going to love the new album.

I also downloaded Israel Houghton’s version of “Moving Forward” and the Forever Jones song “He Wants It All.” Again, two beautiful songs. (I know it’s wrong to make fun of a gospel group, but “Forever Jones?” Why does this remind me of a porn movie? Reprobate mind? Forgive me, Lord...)

When I’m alone and listening to my favorite praise and worship songs it truly is an act of worship, and I can’t help but become overwhelmed with God’s … well, godliness and all the awesome gifts he’s lavished on his children—from the vocalists with their beautiful and expressive voices to the musicians to the poet/lyricists to the song producers who can imagine whole layers of musical sounds one heaped on top of the other to us, those listening, who have the ability to be moved by what we hear and experience.

And of course, during these moments I’m always reminded of the greatest gift of all, the ability to know and love God.

So, I am very thankful for these times, because they will pass, and I’ll get preoccupied with stuff that needs doing, and I won’t forget about God, but meeting him in this way is especially special to me and it doesn’t happen every day.

What about you? Are there certain special ways in which you encounter God?

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