Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks

Since my mother died, my aunt and I have more or less hosted the holidays between us. My aunt is my mother’s youngest sister, the baby in the family of six, and only seven years older than I. When I was growing up, people would always ask if we were sisters.

My aunt is a fabulous cook and a very generous host. Adam, who is perpetually hungry, loves to visit. He always wants to know “Is Aunt Prissy having Thanksgiving dinner?” with me getting the distinct impression that if she isn’t, he’s going to be looking at visiting somebody else’s relatives for his meal. My aunt makes mean greens, macaroni and cheese, and candied yams and also cooks delicious seafood dishes.

This year, I am particularly grateful that she will be cooking, because we’re renovating our dining room, and clearly it’s in no shape for visitors. 

One Day Soon This Will Be a Lovely Gathering Spot

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because it celebrates three things central to my life—delicious food, family, and God’s graciousness, not necessarily in that order.

I have many reasons to give thanks, the main one being that I do not have to stand on my own righteousness to be acceptable to God. Lord knows I’d be in big trouble if that weren’t true!

It’s my sincere wish that you have a moment Thursday to stop and give thanks for all your blessings. Whatever your personal circumstances at this particular phase in your life, I know you have them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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