Sunday, March 24, 2013

9 Lies Wives Tell Their Husbands

It’s true, sometimes women lie. Especially to their husbands. It’s not that we’re bad, it's just the way we get what we want.

Here then, are nine classics.

“I love you more today than the day we met.”
Sure why not? I can’t even remember that far back, but it sounds good.

“I love you just the way you are.”
I’d change at least fifteen things about you this second if I could.

“I’d marry you again in a heart beat…”
Hmmm ... let me think on that for a good hour … or two.

"You're so much better at this than I am."
You're nowhere near as good at this than I am, but I don't feel like doing it, so heck, you're good enough.

“No, this isn’t new. I’ve had it forever!”
Actually, I bought this (ring, dress, pair of shoes) last week and was hoping you wouldn't notice.

“The guy said the bathroom redo would only cost ….”
Whatever he said, I’m telling you three grand less, because you have no idea what skilled labor really costs, and I want my new bathroom.

“What’s mine is yours.”
Yeah … no it’s not. What’s mine is mine, what’s ours is mine, and what’s yours is definitely mine.

“What time did you come to bed last night? I was sound asleep!”
I was wide awake and praying to God I’d soon hear you snoring.

“Anything for you, baby.”
Anything to get you off my case right now, so I can go back to (watching my movie, reading my book, surfing the Internet) in peace.

And there you have it! Nine lies wives tell their husbands. Can you think of others?

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