Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kardashian Sends Couric Nasty Instagram in Response to Baby Gift

I like my celebrity gossip as much as the next person, but social media has made some things way public that really should be way private.

For example, I don’t really need to be confronted with the shallowness of certain celebrity relationships—it’s depressing.

So when I read that Kim Kardashian blasted Katie Couric on Instagram because she didn't appreciate the baby gift Couric sent, I wished I hadn’t.

Apparently, Kardashian was insulted by this statement made by Couric about the Kardashians.

"I don’t understand – why are they so famous? I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested.”

Well, if I were famous and my friend said that about me, I imagine I’d feel pretty bad, seeing as how the statement shows a complete lack of belief in my (imaginary) family’s ability to actually do anything.

But Couric and Kardashian don’t really sound like friends. If they were friends, would Couric have sent Kardashian a gift with this mangled message? (Damn girl, get a better assistant, already.)

"Dear Kim and Kanye, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! As the moth And may I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition for no Fondly, Katie Couric."


And, does this Instragram note from Kardashian to Couric sound like she considers them friends?

“#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit.”

I don’t think so. And so, really, what the heck is Kardashian’s problem? Just about every doggone-body questions her talents. Why should Couric be any different?

Couric later (sort of) apologized to Kardashian, but it wasn’t an apology between two friends. It was more like, “I’ll have my people apologize to your people.” 

Here’s what the Huffington Post had to say.

“In a statement to E! News, Couric said she had meant no ill will. ‘I was responding to a reporter's question, and explaining how I'm intrigued by the public's fascination with her family. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.’”

Celebrities and social media. Somebody needs to pass a law or something.

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